Dorpskerk Huizum is the oldest monument (12th century) of the city of Leeuwarden.

One of the main projects of Leeuwarden, European Capital of Culture in 2018, is Under de Toer, Frisian for: Under the Tower. Under that flag 32 churches in the province of Friesland, with one of the worlds largest density of churches, participate in a cultural project that will tell stories about or around these churches in an artistic way. Via this project very different manifestations are organized in which artists from different art disciplines will work together with the community, reminiscing and depicting the special stories of/near their church. The Dorpskerk Huizum is one of the 32 selected churches. And we are proud on that.

Our cultural events are in 2018 dedicated to one of the Netherlands’ greatest poets, Jan Jacob Slauerhoff (1898-1936), he came from Leeuwarden. His work has been translated in 26 languages. This constantly restless, flamboyant and melancholic man travelled all the world’s seas. His longest poem, with 34 verses, is In Memoriam Patris. It’s about his father and his funeral in Huizum. Because of that reason we organize each year the Slauerhoff Lecture by a real prominent Dutch speaker.

In 2018, the internationally acclaimed Slauerhoff will ‘return’ to his hometown and the Dorpskerk Huizum. The ‘prodigal son’ looks for his father there. The audience will get the answer to the special quest of this unique Dutchman via an exhibit by artists from Friesland and Germany about one or more of the 34 ‘stories’ in the poem (period: August, 4, until Oktober,6) and a great theatre performance in and around this beautiful monument (period: September, 14, until September, 23 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 20:30).

Artistic leader and director is Gooitsen Eenling. He works closely together with many volunteers of the Dorpskerk Huizum.

In addition to these two main events the poem In Memoriam Patris will be translated into nine languages: Frisian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, English, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese. People all over Europe are contributing to this project. The book with ten languages (incl. Dutch) will be presented during an international meeting on September, 7, with (invited) ambassadors, the translators, people from several foreign language minorities in Friesland etc.

We think that the mix of art, theatre and language about one, very long (and because of that until now never translated) poem of a world famous local poet is unique in the world.

We will also organize two lectures about Slauerhoff, one by Rob Leemans on August, 4, en one by the maritime author and artist Arne Zuidhoek on Oktober,4. In addition to our ‘Slauerhoff events’ we will organize an exhibition by the Australian artist Aukje Boonstra (June 2018).

Thanks to the many enthusiastic volunteers involved we are enable to organize very frequently cultural events (concerts, theatre, exhibitions and other manifestations.) in the church that is considered as a very successful example of reuse of valuable religious heritage in Friesland. We welcomed the start of the European network organization Future for Religious Heritage in Europe (FRH) on January, 8 in 2018 in this church. For more information: see

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